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Christian Wedding Planners in Chennai | Church Wedding Organisers

Are you looking up for a Christian Wedding ceremony or Christian Wedding Planners in Chennai ? JD Events #1 Christian Wedding Event Organisers in Chennai that make your church wedding personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful.


A church wedding, also known as a religious wedding ceremony, is a marriage ceremony that takes place in a church or other religious place of worship. It typically involves the participation of a religious official, such as a priest, minister, rabbi, or imam, who officiates the ceremony according to the customs and traditions of the specific religious faith.


Christian Wedding Decorations: Celebrating Love and Faith

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Post-Wedding Ceremony:

The celebration held after the wedding is known as the post-marriage ceremony at a Christian wedding. Family members, friends, and colleagues are invited to a magnificent large party. The newlywed couple divided the wedding cake into slices and shared the first slice with each other.

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